Mission Statement

We are committed to owning, and/or managing permanently affordable, safe and well-maintained housing for those individuals aging out of the foster care program, many of who have special needs. We believe that these individuals have a right to quality affordable housing. We are committed to helping those in need without regard to race, color, sex, religion, national origin, sexual orientation or disability. We strive to create a supportive service housing environment that fosters independence to help break the cycle of homelessness experienced by those individuals aging out of the foster care program. We are committed to working with tenants to provide a supportive environment with integrated human services, vocational and employment opportunities, accessible social services and tenant-led groups. We are committed to working in cooperation with the many public and private agencies to ensure quality housing and supportive services are provided for the benefits of the tenants.
It is our goal to build community and involve tenants in the operation of Fairfield Community Home.
Through these efforts, we support the dignity, independence, and self-sufficiency of tenants, and respect the tenants’ rights to involvement in their supportive housing community.

A little Bit About Us

The Courtyard (“Community”), located at 530 Home Ave, Fort Wayne, Indiana, is a brand new apartment community targeted to those individuals who are between the ages of 18-25 and who are aging out of foster care, or homeless, or at the risk of becoming homeless, in the next 6 weeks.  The Courtyard consists of one, two-story structure with a total of 24 one-bedroom and 12 two-bedroom apartment spacious homes.  These apartment homes are available to those individuals whose income is below 60% AMI, as a basis requirement for occupancy.  In addition, a 12 month lease is required on the apartments because they must be used on a non-transient basis.
As any person in society, it is vital that citizens become productive and contributive.  The Courtyard is designed to demonstrate the highest level of encouragement for any Tenant who is seeking opportunity for training and education that will lead to sustainable employment.  The Courtyard offers individual and group training in an environment of creativity, fun and meaningful activities that will encourage Tenants to develop a productive lifestyle of work, volunteerism and recreation.

Features & Amenities

Computer Access

The Courtyard Apartments and the Common areas have FREE wireless access. The Courtyard Laptop computers are available for school, homework and work related activities.  Laptops are to be reserved, signed and checked out through any one of the staff who will coordinate the process. The Tenant will be asked to sign an acceptance of responsibility for any damage to the laptop while in his/her possession.

Educational Achievement

Educational success is something that Tenants can be proud of as they endeavor to prepare themselves for employment. Finishing high school, completing a GED program, completing a certification in any job related skill area, is something to celebrate. The Courtyard’s supportive services are available to help you continue, start, or complete any educational goal you have identified that will help you fulfill your dreams. This support is FREE.

Financial Responsibilities

Being financially responsible is a process of learning how to manage our own money wisely and effectively. The Courtyard will have on-site Banking and financial experts available to coach and assist Tenants with financial planning and other money matters. These Services are FREE. On-going, hands-on classes on creating and maintaining a personal or family budget will be available for Tenants desiring support in how to have short and long-term financial freedom. Budgeting classes are FREE, “hands on,” and can include members of the Tenant’s support team.

Medical Health & Well Being

Taking care of personal and family health is an important part of living independently and a quality lifestyle. The Courtyard is committed to supporting your physical, emotional and mental health needs. Partners such as Parkview Health Systems and Park Center Community Mental Health Center will be on-site to help facilitate the answers to complicated questions of health insurance, medication monitoring and challenging issues related to the success of maintaining good overall health and wellbeing for individuals and families. These services are FREE.

Culinary Education and Recreation

The Courtyard has an on-site commercial kitchen located off a large multi-purpose clubhouse designed to assist Tenants in learning about nutrition, cooking, baking, canning, and other kinds of culinary skills. The Courtyard will host monthly dinners with chefs in training at Ivy Tech Culinary Arts program who will prepare a meal and demonstrate hands on culinary skills for interested Tenants. Meals and training demonstrations are FREE to the Tenants and members of their support team. The Courtyard kitchen is used to prepare food for seasonal Tenant parties and special celebratory occasions. In addition, Tenants may reserve the kitchen for private family dinners, birthdays and other celebrations.

Arts and Crafts

The Courtyard has a well-designed and equipped Arts and Crafts room for Tenants to spend time developing their creative talents. Painting, drawing, architectural drafting, scrapbooking, creative arts technology software, and other kinds of artistic mediums are available for Tenants to experience and demonstrate their talent and abilities in self-expression and art.

Employment Support: “Be Someone Now”

Getting a job, keeping a job and understanding how to get a better job while working on the job, is what “employment” training is all about. The Courtyard has on-site FREE classes for job preparation and job coaching that will help Tenants learn on-the-job work skills with support from people who have experience and knowledge about employment related issues.

Parenting & Children

Tenants with children will have the benefit of easy access to local daycares, licensed home daycares in the neighborhood, convenient bus line, and parenting consultation through The Courtyard’s partners who will make themselves available for on-site parenting classes and one-on-one coaching.

Tenant Council

The Courtyard Apartments is committed to providing on-going leadership opportunities for Tenants so that the services provided will remain relevant, meaningful and meet the high standards of respect, integrity, empathy and teamwork based on its core values. It is vital to the success of The Courtyard that Tenants have a voice in the services provided, a process of grievance when concerns arise, and a pathway for the development of “community” among Tenants so that maximum support is possible not only from staff but from the Tenants themselves. The Tenant Council is a discussion meeting for quality improvement of available services in The Courtyard. Tenant-elected officials will run monthly council meetings. Membership on the Tenant Council will be available to all Tenants who wish to learn and develop leadership skills. The Tenant Manager and Staff will give support and guidance to the Council and attend meetings as appropriate. The Courtyard staff is committed to empowering the Tenant Council leadership with skills and a voice to ensure the maintenance of mutual respect between staff, Tenants, volunteers and support teams. The Tenant Council will also be involved in peer mentoring, listening to grievances, and assisting staff and Tenants in developing mutual trust and accountability.



The Courtyard Background

In order to address the extensive needs of the youth aging out of foster care, and prevent homelessness, unemployment and criminal activity among this population, The Courtyard has partnered with SCAN, Inc., a social service organization whose sole mission is to eliminate the abuse and neglect of children through family services, education, and community partnerships, Biggs TC Development., a real estate development company and Biggs Property Management, to build this development to serve the housing and supportive service needs of individuals between the ages of 18-25 and who are transitioning out of foster care, or those homeless or at the risk of becoming homeless in the next 6 weeks. These three entities make up The Courtyard’s development team.
The Courtyard Apartment community is made possible by many supportive partners. Funding for this development comes through local sources such as the City of Fort Wayne and the Fort Wayne Housing Authority, as well as, federal programs such as (HOME/NSP Program), Federal Home Loan Bank (FHLB), CDBG-D and the Low-Income Housing Tax Credits (LIHTC) program.
The Courtyard is a result of many good people coming together to ensure that young people are given opportunity for FREE training and support in order to become successful in life and work. The mission behind those vested in The Courtyard is to inspire tenants to live their dreams and achieve goals that will build a life of purpose, achievement and accomplishment. 

Property Management & Supportive Services Team

The Courtyard’s Management & Services Team members and volunteers are trained in harm reduction and trauma informed principles so that the Property Manager is seen as the housing regulatory enforcer, and the case management and treatment staff as the empathic, helpful advocates, assisting the tenant in seeing the consequences of their behaviors and being directly available to assist in creating solutions and pathways to healthy resolutions. The team will be sensitive to the tenant’s needs while having excellent service coordination skills necessary to work with a multidisciplinary team of service providers.

The Courtyard Management & Services Team will develop and implement clear procedures and guidelines for lease enforcement that respect the fact that the housing program is intended to serve individuals who may initially have difficulty fulfilling all of the terms of tenancy.  This coordination will help those with obstacles to retain and succeed in housing and in life.