Carefully Crafted Design

The Courtyard has been meticulously planned with all public spaces designed to build a sense of community.  The floor plans are crafted to ensue comfort and space for the resident.

Loaded With Technology

With Free WiFi throughout the building, laptops for check out, multimedia training, and many more amenities The Courtyard sets you up for success in a high tech world.

Safety First

We know the key to feeling at home is security, thats why every apartment unit has individual key fobs for entry, and security cameras monitor the property 24 hours a day.

Community Environment

From its beginning The Courtyard was built with the intension of being part of a community. Residents are encouraged to build relationships and establish a home for themselves.

An Innovative Living Experience

(With Preference For A Target Audience*)

The Courtyard provides a way for individuals leaving foster care to rediscover their dreams and have a fresh start toward creating a home of their own and successfully completing educational and vocational goals without facing the challenge of high rent, utilities and other housing barriers.

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"I want a home. I want “something of my own” to be proud of, a fresh start . . . this will be a home that is a blank canvas to fill up with what makes me the person I am."

− Former Foster Youth

"We are looking forward with great anticipation to The Courtyard and meeting these young people, helping them settle into our historic community and teaching them basic gardening practices."

− Jane Ford, Master Gardener and Secretary of the PAPA Neighborhood Association

"We are excited to be a partner in “The Courtyard. “ it will be a great addition to the neighborhood as well as provide a safe and nurturing environment for some of our youth looking to build successful lives in our city."

− Mayor Tom Henry

"We have provided new homes for many people across Indiana but this project is special, this home is also providing a sense of belonging. We are very proud to be able to provide such a high quality, energy efficient and high tech environment for these young adults to feel safe and be productive."

− Kevan Biggs, Owner and President, Biggs Property Management, and Ideal Builders

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